The CIS location legendary crew Natus Vincere become all in regards to the drama for the reason that they did not qualify for The foreign. generic, Dendi and The CEO of Na’Vi became part of the drama and that made it dazzling clear that Na’Vi will change their roster before the 2018-2019 season starts.

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The 2017-2018 season begun as a good looking good season for Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk. however after a terrific begin with Virtus.seasoned he turned into traded away to Natus Vincere. whereas VP changed into the appropriate-ranked crew within the DPC, Na’Vi was nonetheless struggling. regrettably, the trade did not reasonably figure out for Na’Vi. although Lil’s DPC point pushed them excessive on the DPC list but they did fall and even didn’t qualify during the start qualifiers. in this situation, we knew a change is coming soon to the Natus Vincere roster.

final week Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov, the CEO of Na’Vi announced their new roster and Lil become no longer mentioned any place. notwithstanding the position 4 help role changed into vacant, lil became now not in the team list. Neither universal or Dendi made it to the brand new Na’Vi roster.

quickly after this, the Ukranian announced his own group, named Odium. Odium the note means established or frequent hatred. An apt identify for a team that includes latest sacked players.

On his submit, Lil defined why he decided to make this new crew. here is what he has to claim-

“nowadays i will inform you concerning the most critical reasoning that I got here to in the last year.

In a group online game the place every thing depends on your interplay with a associate – essentially the most critical is have faith. but when we talk in regards to the team, it continues to exist outdoor the online game, and here a big role is played with the aid of such a aspect as faith. And each concepts are either there or they don’t seem to be. in spite of nothing.

So there cannot be a single group devoid of faith and have confidence.

in case you go again to the past, after analyzing it, which you can safely say – originally religion left me, after which there changed into no have confidence.

i believed a whole lot about what i needed from my lifestyles, from my career, and eventually got here to the indisputable fact that i’d now not search for a,new family unit”. i will be able to create it myself.

A command the place I should be depended on and people will have faith in me. it truly is how i could believe and accept as true with in my group and myself.

therefore, as you already guessed, the primary adult on the group is myself. And the identify of the crew is.”Hatred”, in my edition – Odium.”

The 2nd player to be a part of the team may be Lil’s former teammate Victor “commonplace” Nigrini who played alongside him in Na’Vi.

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